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Pycon Ireland 2011 was awesome

Pycon 2011 finished up on Sunday. Hats of to the committee and also the conference volunteers for their super organisation skills. They very obviously put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that everything would run like clockwork.

Highlights of the event for me were Raymond Hettinger’s talks on "The Art of Subclassing" and his keynote on "What makes Python awesome". (I’m still looking for Raymond’s slides though, anyone know where I can get them?)

Sprints and open spaces followed the main conference on Sunday and I attended a great introductory session to bidirectional generators and asynchronous Python programming by Alan Kennedy. I also spent a long time in the open spaces area and made a few new friends.

My own presentation "Building a high performance Django Website" was on Saturday morning. I’ll put my notes up in another post.

I can’t wait for next years conference…

(Update, Raymond’s "What makes Python awesome" Keynote is available here and his "The art of subclassing" presentation is here .)

(Update, the video is now up)

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